Innovative egg?

innovasjon nokia påskeegg Apr 11, 2019

Hvorfor var ikke NOKIAs 'egg' innovative og konkurransedyktige nok?

Mange tenker at NOKIA ble overkjørt av Apple primært av tekniske årsaker. Men, hvorfor falt giganten egentlig? Utdrag fra min kommende bok 'Working smart together in the AI-era':

"It’s easy to think NOKIA was just overrun by Apple’s technology, innovatively combining computer features with a phone creating the first smart phone in 2007. But why? How could Nokia allow that to happen? The story of the hen or the egg comes to mind.

Research and history show how important it is that the human factor functions optimally.

In this story the hen came first. It seems NOKIA didn’t work smart together from 2005-2010. Research from Vuori and Huy (2016) show they primarily didn’t lose its market due to technology issues. The giant fell and was displaced because the hen (the organization), was ridden by destructive human inter-action causing an anti-innovative...

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