3 tips to increase sustainability impact

How can you increase your sustainability progress and impact?
Here are 3 tips on how to do that:

2-minute READ: How business leaders can create a more sustainable impact
“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” - yes, that is an inspiring question and mindset you learn about in this article by Tara Nolan.

1:47-minute WATCH: How IKEA is on track with their 2030-goals
Many small streams can become a huge river! This short video really inspired me to think more holistic and how a combination of initiatives can result in a huge impact. What ideas do you get from IKEA?

60-minute PODCAST: Hope and energy for a sustainable future
If you want to be inspired on how to use exponential technology to speed up sustainability this is a great episode. Anders shares valuable international insight that gave me hope and energy!


Enjoy - and let me know what you’ve read or listened to lately that inspired you!

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Case: How to free up time for innovation

Excerpt from the book 'Working smart in the AI-era'

Do you want - or need, 100-140 hours/month to innovate and adapt to changes

Imagine having more time for innovation - and in addition that your information flow becomes clearer, and people more engaged. That would be great, wouldn't it? You could invest this in activities to prepare for, and deal with, challenges and disruptive times. 

But, many leaders are absorbed by daily operations and fire-fighting - and frustrated that they don't have time to innovate. If that resonates with you, there's good news.

Often, there's plenty of hidden time and blocked energy waiting to be released.

Here is an inspiring case from Kongsberg Norspace saving them 50-70 working hours per month - plus profiting from clearer information, better decisions, and increased engagement from just one ‘small’ change project:

CASE – "How do we get more useful and motivating status meetings?"

BACKGROUND: Christian Omholt,...

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