Why Musk released patents? To speed up the pace.

  1. Is Musk crazy? No, very smart. The over-arching goal for Musk is primarily not making more money - but saving the Earth. Patents stifle progress hindering the acceleration of sustainable transport.

So, he aims to increase speed by applying an open-source philosophy and initiate an exponential growth curve. The world is now more interconnected than ever. Earth’s challenges are increasingly complex. Complexity requires cross-collaboration. The digital elements and AI enable exponential development allowing even 10X growth versus the traditionally linear +10% growth.

Lines and individuals alone cannot cope with the complexity and speed of development any longer. We need cross-teams for that purpose. This is where it really becomes different how winners today operate compared to how we used to work in mechanistic lines and silos. Typically, we’re not trained for creating value through cross-collaboration. Expect untrained cross-teams to have different goals,...

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