A Covid-push to future-proof your organization

Even before Covid-19, future-oriented leaders realized that bureaucracy is a too heavy burden for sufficient agility and adaptability.

Which is why they strive to transform their organization. Into what? Darwin still rules. Into a highly adaptable, entrepreneurial, and efficient organism - coping well with rapid change, complexity and allowing exponential scaling.

Covid-19 is nudging - or rather pushing us all, in that direction. 

From steam clouds to digital clouds
Bureaucracy was born several hundred years ago with the industrial rise. The need for administrating papers - like documents and invoices called for management and work offices. But, we've moved from steam clouds to digital clouds. Conditions have changed. The question is, has your organizational set up changed accordingly?

"…the species [or organization] that survives is the
one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing
environment in which it finds itself." - Darwin 

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